Monday, September 29, 2008

Mystery Team Trailer Now Online

Derrick Comedy has been around for what seems like ages - I'll still go back and watch classic sketches like "Jerry" and "Keyboard Kid" months and months after seeing them on youtube. If you're unfamiliar with Derrick, my recommendation is you watch Bro Rape - the video that got me to watch their progress as a comedy group.

They just released the above trailer for their feature length movie, Mystery Team. It may start out a little slow, but really picks up towards the end. I'll be chuckling at the "Let's treat ourselves" line all day.

Whether you think the movie will be good or not, you've got to give these guys props - they took a year to write, shoot, and edit this movie and are really going for it. Some of them have even already gained marked success - Donald is a writer on 30 Rock and if you watch closely in the trailer, you'll see that newest SNL cast member Bobby Monyihan has a part in the movie.

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