Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Always Sunny

While there is no real story here, a couple of us did spend a fun afternoon in Philadelphia today. Why drive 50 minutes out of my way when gas prices are skyrocketing? Because Preston and Steve announced that they would play a small part in the next season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as construction workers. They also said that the cast would be filming today at 2:45 in the city, and invited everyone to come out and be extras in a crowd scene.

While we didn't get to be extras (there was just a group of gawkers that we traveled with), it was pretty cool seeing the cast up close. Rob McIllhenny in particular was really cool to people that yelled to him or waved. Way to remember your roots.

Nick had my camera and used his freakish height to get the best pictures possible, though the PAs backed us off early and often.

I'll start with the best picture first.David Hornsby - a.k.a. "Rickety Cricket."
Rob McIllheny - a.k.a. Mac (center, in the classic Phillies tee) Charlie Day - a.k.a. Charlie Kelly - mysteriously wearing the "Green Man" suit under his clothes.McIllhenny and Glenn Howerton - a.k.a. Mac and Dennis - going over details on an upcoming scene outside Commerce Bank.
From left to right: Hornsby, Mary Elizabeth Ellis (her back), - a.k.a. The Waitress - and McIlhenny preparing to shoot outside the bank.
Danny Devito's BACK! (It is very hard to take a picture of a short person from a crowd)

In short, I kind of expected for us to kind of mill around rather than have some mind-blowing experience, but it was still awesome to see so many writer-actors that I respect. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the most unheralded shows on television and while crass, rarely takes a cookie-cutter approach at comedy. There's a good chance I'll be following them around if I'm in town next summer.

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