Saturday, December 20, 2008

Onward State - Week 2

Since almost all of my writing time is going toward Onward State, I thought I'd post what I write there on a weekly basis. I can't just let this blog go to waste while I contribute to a much more professional/thriving/focused site.

Here's the much delayed week 2 update...appropriate considering I had planned to write 2-4 more posts than what's listed below, but they became irrelevant because I put them off for so long.

Week 2 Spans from December 11 - December 18:

December 11:

Shipley Named Nation's Best Center - Worst lead yet. Oh well.

December 15:

Ticket Sale Prompts Police Intervention
- Originally started with a football angle, but then turned into a tongue-in-cheek "Penn Staters against The Man" post.

December 17:

Nittany Lions Nab Newsome
- Great story to post about. It's a shame the Collegian didn't go more in depth about it.

While it's not quite the post-a-palooza the first week was, it's still fairly regular. I can tell you that during this current week, there will be at least one per day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kanye Must Be Extra-Embarrassing at Karaoke Parties

I have been a Kanye West Fan/Apologist for roughly a year and a half - simply because I think the guy is a beat magician. I was ready to give him credit for expanding his musical horizons in his latest album, 808s and Heartbreaks, but WWTDD really pointed out how much ProTools work was apparently used while recording his album:

That's West on Saturday Night Live last weekend. Auto-tune really works wonders, doesn't it?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Onward State - Week 1

Since almost all of my writing time is going toward Onward State, I thought I'd post what I write there on a weekly basis. I can't just let this blog go to waste while I contribute to a much more professional/thriving/focused site.

Week 1 Spans from December 3 - December 10:

December 3:

Harris Poll Flub Increases BCS Skepticism
- My first post. Bonus - Jamie's over the top praise of the post in public fashion.

December 4:

Sheep Won't Be Headed To Pasadena - My first "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod I'm the first one to cover this" post. Yes, it seems silly to think about now - but keep in mind, I'm still feeling out the protocol for posting on the blog at this point.

College Dictionary: Sorostitute - Click on this one if you're looking for the funny. Well, more "semi-whimsical while avoiding swearing and offending people funny." College Dictionary may or may not be a reoccurring fixture.

December 5:

Rose Bowl Ticket Sale Details - Any opportunity I get to talk about Maybin, I'm takin' it.

December 9:

Bill Cosby's Coming To Happy Valley, You See - SOOOOO tempting to litter this post with House of Cosby references and videos, but I'm still chasing that unicorn known as professionalism. I almost ran down and tackled the majestic beast, but ended up including this video in the post. Nobody's perfect.

December 10th:

Joe Paterno: 2008 Coach of The Year Finalist
- Felt I had to cover it after doing so many other football posts. It's probably just an attempt to feel like a real sportswriter - look at me, I'm Jason Whitlock! Too many black players are bojangling! Jeff George should be starting for the Vikings!

Devlin To Transfer
- I couldn't believe my luck of checking the Daily Collegian within an hour of the story breaking - not only is it a "look, Mark broke another story on Onward State!", but a super interesting one (in my opinion) at that. Oddly enough, Managing Editor Eli Glazier wrote up a post and posted it just before I published mine. He was really cool about it, and we eneded up combining the two.

As you can see, I'm writing a shitload more.

Until next week.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Introducing Onward State

I haven't been posting here as frequently I did over the summer, and I wish I can say it's because I have been writing elsewhere. It wasn't, I have just been lazy. But now I can use the excuse of focusing creatively elsewhere.

My first post
for Penn State's New Blog, Onward State, was published earlier this evening. Though it's not the post I was scheduled to write (that should be up sometime tomorrow - it is slated to be more comedic in nature), the idea of someone involved in voting for the teams that play in the national championship was so ludicrous (and Penn State-related), I wrote something quickly. It turned out slightly better than the things I impulsively write on here.

Onward State officially launched after Thanksgiving break, and already is filled with posts and has accrued a small following. The guys that started it up are doing a really professional job without making it dull or predictable. If Penn State goings-on interest you, you enjoy my writing, or just need another website to go to during the day, bookmark it, visit it daily, show it to friends, whatever.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I Am Near-Hypnotized By This

Even though I typically find myself disappointed by the user-submitted content at CollegeHumor these days, I will still visit the site often.

This is exactly why.