Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Website of The Week - Powell To The People

The internet can be a very scary place - something that anyone who has accidentally stumbled on to hentai can tell you - but there are, as you may know, a great deal of websites tucked away in the series of tubes that are worth visiting. I found one today.

Powell To The People is the personal website of Keith Powell, an incredibly funny actor who plays Toofer on 30 Rock, which I regard as the greatest comedy on television right now. The best part of Powell To The People is that you get to enjoy more Powell-centric comedy than the ensemble cast of 30 Rock can show. This is very apparent in the intro:
"I understand that most actor websites have touched-up headshots, carefully selected reviews, and photos of themselves standing next to famous people. Well, I will do no such thing because I really think it distracts people from seeing more of me."
I guess what surprises me most about the website is how funny the guy is in text. Some of us know Powell as a talented comedic actor, but his self deprecation in his bio is quite good.
"He has shown an amazing range for a young actor, jumping effortlessly from comedy to drama to Wendy’s commercial."

"A career in regional theater followed where he portrayed everything from rappers (criminals) to kings (in-breeders) to the cognitively disabled (Irish)."
On top of this, he has some original content in the form of viral videos, (though honestly, I enjoy the written segments of the website best so far), a blog which he seems to update regularly, and a form to contact him. Not bad.

I guess I just appreciate those in comedy who take the time to use the internet to break down some barriers between performers and fans. In the Funny Or Die era of internet comedy, a young talent in Powell has arrived.

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