Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Introducing Onward State

I haven't been posting here as frequently I did over the summer, and I wish I can say it's because I have been writing elsewhere. It wasn't, I have just been lazy. But now I can use the excuse of focusing creatively elsewhere.

My first post
for Penn State's New Blog, Onward State, was published earlier this evening. Though it's not the post I was scheduled to write (that should be up sometime tomorrow - it is slated to be more comedic in nature), the idea of someone involved in voting for the teams that play in the national championship was so ludicrous (and Penn State-related), I wrote something quickly. It turned out slightly better than the things I impulsively write on here.

Onward State officially launched after Thanksgiving break, and already is filled with posts and has accrued a small following. The guys that started it up are doing a really professional job without making it dull or predictable. If Penn State goings-on interest you, you enjoy my writing, or just need another website to go to during the day, bookmark it, visit it daily, show it to friends, whatever.

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