Saturday, December 20, 2008

Onward State - Week 2

Since almost all of my writing time is going toward Onward State, I thought I'd post what I write there on a weekly basis. I can't just let this blog go to waste while I contribute to a much more professional/thriving/focused site.

Here's the much delayed week 2 update...appropriate considering I had planned to write 2-4 more posts than what's listed below, but they became irrelevant because I put them off for so long.

Week 2 Spans from December 11 - December 18:

December 11:

Shipley Named Nation's Best Center - Worst lead yet. Oh well.

December 15:

Ticket Sale Prompts Police Intervention
- Originally started with a football angle, but then turned into a tongue-in-cheek "Penn Staters against The Man" post.

December 17:

Nittany Lions Nab Newsome
- Great story to post about. It's a shame the Collegian didn't go more in depth about it.

While it's not quite the post-a-palooza the first week was, it's still fairly regular. I can tell you that during this current week, there will be at least one per day.

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