Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Annnnd There Goes My GPA

I've recently discovered Chickipedia, a newly-created venture that's probably due to be Bill O'Reilly's ridiculous item of the day if it hasn't been already.

Just as the name suggests, Chikipedia is a Chick Encyclopedia.

At this moment, it boasts 3,230 women and 34,353 images. Ashley Alexandre Dupre of Governor Spitzer fame is labeled as 'The Hottest' at the moment. Hot chicks in movies that have just released are also featured on the front page. Queen Latifah may not be my cup of tea, but hey, I had no idea she was in What Happens In Vegas.

This website is basically a testament to the fact that us guys can always have more attractive women in our lives. There are literally millions of porn websites, sex is nearly omnipresent in advertising, and a good fraction of the female population dress more provocatively than ever - and yet that still isn't enough. Any new way to package this essence is welcomed with open armed by guys surfing the internet - men who have significant others who are mad at them, men who have no significant other to be mad at them, or just men with five minutes to spare. Chickipedia is not necessary, but is just flat out cool.

For Example, I clicked on 'Random Chick', and I am immediately directed to the page of Sienna West, a pornagraphic actress whose work I had not previously been acquainted with. (No, really.) Why would I ever need to know she was in Milf Worship 3? I don't know, but that doesn't keep me from clicking that button like a psychological test subject.

Each page has a relatively impressive amount of information, most notably the subject's measurements and a link to women of similar physical attributes. Can you hear that? It's the sound of all productivity of males from 16-40 dwindling.

And wouldn't you know it, the ability to embed entries into blogs!

Jenna_Fischer - see more hot women

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