Friday, May 2, 2008

Spammed Alot

I have been getting a pretty steady stream of SPAM Emails for almost a year now, and while it is slightly annoying, I do enjoy some of the subject lines and thought I would share:

From: Denez
Subject: Fly her to orgasmic wonderland

From: hoerig
Subject: She invited me for a quickie

From: Beau Hopper
Subject: 750 $ bonus especially for you

From: Sida
Subject: Greatest shagging tips of 2008

From: Bencks
Subject: Be as attractive as 007

From: Mehgan
Subject: Click me and you will be sex hero in 5 min.

From: Atsushi Tomczyk
Subject: All your problems solved instantly

From: Marina McGill
Subject: You should be satisfied with Your penis

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