Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Actually Interesting Article on Sexual Harrassment

MSN - Complaints about women bosses preying on men have doubled since 1990. What’s going on out there?

I haven't bothered to change my default homepage from MSN, so occasionally I'll catch the 'Lifestyle' story of the day before going to FoxSports or CollegeHumor. Today's was about the growing trend of female bosses sexually harassing male subordinates. As demonstrated by the photo that accompanies the article (right), MSN apparently assumes, as I often do, that all women in this kind of story are hot.

If you're too lazy to read the entire article, I've selected some of the more detailed parts. I guess these are supposed to shock and awe you. Again, if you take MSN and my approach, this makes the story a lot better.
Louis Oblea Jr. logged onto his company computer and clicked on his e-mail: There was [his boss], completely nude and performing a sex act on herself. Not two minutes later, another e-mail from her landed in his in-box. This one, another woman, in a bondage getup.
Perhaps there was a miscommunication when "benefits" were discussed during his interview.
Says a 35-year-old executive at a Massachusetts financial company, who has 37 men reporting directly to her: “There are days when I just think, You know, I could have any single one of these guys."
She then goes on to say she would never cross that line blah blah blah, but why wreck your vision of the calculating cougar seductress?
She would ask me point-blank, Do I go down on my wife?
No commentary needed.

Just goes to show you, the Lifestyle section may be worth reading now and again.

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