Monday, June 23, 2008

Facebook Is Turning You Gay

Back when I was on Facebook (oh, has it only been a month?), I would log in around 12 times a day. The time spent on Facebook for each log in would vary, but what is important is that when I did click around a lot, a new ad (or "flyer" as the supposedly user-friendly site calls) them would pop up in the left sidebar.

Towards the end of my time on Facebook, I would see a LOT of 'Men Seeking Men' ads appear in that sidebar. At first I dismissed it as the gay dating sites investing in flyers, but they kept coming up so often I became worried.

How many guys' profiles am I looking at? I would think. Why does Facebook think I'd be interested in meeting gay men?! Am I really that flamboyant in print?

Finally I asked some other people. Turns out, there were that many gay dating ads on there. And that's why I especially enjoyed Kissing Suzy Kolber's discovery of none other than Notre Dame / Cleveland Browns douchefuck BRADY QUINN in one of these ads.I find it hysterical that the reported gay-basher keeps finding himself associated with the homosexual community.If you're feeling like it's unfair for his sexuality to be questioned, I present the following:I guess if you're a gay dude on the prowl, just look for #10.


Ryan said...

What was it that drove you from Facebook to begin with, if not the constant M4M ads?

Ryan said...

WWTDD is also on top of my RSS reader. It makes me angry that he's funnier than me.