Monday, June 30, 2008

More Photoshop Work

I'm all over the front page.My in the thick of summer logo, which was actually designed before the logo it just replaced. People seem to like the sunglasses over the 99. I'm not sure, but I probably have stolen that idea from somewhere.It's riddled with amateur photoshopper aesthetic issues, but at least it's a half-page advertisement. By the way, "Join WJBR" means "awkwardly power-walk by the two young adults trying to hand out magnets and temporary tattoos while trying to get your kids to an early movie."This wasn't officially assigned to me, as Paul the production guy kind of wandered over while I was working on something else, saw that I had apparently a lot of practice with photoshop by now, and mentioned how people would always call him saying that the original online outlet link was too hard to find. I made this while doing the work I was actually supposed to be doing.This one is disappointing, because I had made an alternate logo that was, in my opinion, better. It had a ball pit background instead of the creepy little kids' heads. I figured most of us have positive associations with ball pits, and pictures demonstrate a product better than words, but I guess the alternate was too hard to read, or my boss couldn't find it. Oh well.Probably the simplest ad for the website I've made. Justified becuase fireworks will be relevant for what- One week?

I know none of these are particularly impressive or interesting, but it seems like once they are taken down and replaced by newer ads, they're off the internet completely. So I'm storing some of the better (yes, this is my best attempt at quality work) ads here. I'm sure there will be more, as I have found out I am the only intern that knows how to photoshop.

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