Wednesday, June 11, 2008 Shizz

As I may or may not have mentioned on here, I am ankle-deep into an internship with WJBR. Though I have been told internships are mostly composed of random errands and re-introducing yourself, I have been surprised at the varied work I've done during my shifts at the station, which has ranged from hanging a mirror (though it may have been better for a professional to put holes in their wall) to logging commercials for the web broadcast.

Recently I've done some web work orders for the station - here's some photoshopping of mine that is featured on the website.

The first is a logo for early summer - complete with J-Bear. Stay tuned for the extra-summery station logo which has been delayed until the day summer "officially" starts.Next is an advertisement for a Dutch Wonderland "Block Party" contest - complete with blind-your-grandmother-bright color coding.And the third and final piece is probably the best one (ooh! he changed text color mid-word!) is advertising how to win Rachael Ray's "Yum-o" cookbook.Interestingly enough, I almost got in trouble for this one, as THIS photo (left) came up in a google image search for Rachael Ray. "That's NOT Rachael Ray," my supervisor said. Whether it is or not, it's not like I typed in "seductive chocolate spoon-licker." Oh well.

I'm wondering when I'll be called out for using the outline for lettering ALL the time. Really, it's all I've got. This isn't quality photoshop work. Maybe I'm just the only intern that is comfortable with using it, because really, this is basic stuff. The good news is the quicker I am with the basics, the more time I have to screw around with more complicated artistic accents for the WJBR page. So if you go on to the website and the Dating Line advertisement is somehow 3-D, pulsing and playing technomusic, it may have been just a slow day at work.

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