Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fable 2 Screenshots

Years and years ago, my brother Nick would randomly drop to the floor and make himself convulse - it was his way of coping with what he called "Fable Cravings." You see, he had been following Peter Molyneux's game Fable for the Xbox for years, and apparently couldn't wait.

Besides this practice being particularly annoying, the problem with this whole situation is that Nick built up the game to be something that it wasn't. To his credit, Molyneux made huge promises he never could have delivered - "Blades of grass you cut will stay that way."

When the game came out, Nick played a game he expected to have limitless customization and player freedom that only had a fairly pedestrian amount of unique features. He ultimately viewed the long-awaited Fable in a negative light.

Hence, I am trying my best to temper my expectations for Fable 2. I myself loved the original, so I should have less reason to worry than my sibling, but I do not want to fall victim to the same aggrandizement for which Molyneux has become infamous. On the other hand, IGN has some interview material and screenshots with the creator of the game and it looks anything but disappointing. Also, check out the video interview.
The first 15 minutes of Fable 2 begin with you as a child. You'll choose to be either a boy or girl, but no other customization options are available.
Molyneux hopes that Fable 2 will not only deliver on the past promises for the original game, but will exceed all expectations. There's a lot to buy, a lot to explore and a lot of ways to improve your character. In fact, the final feature in Fable 2 isn't unlocked until the final 20 minutes. Expect to constantly have new expansions to your power and new wrinkles to gameplay throughout.
At one point in Fable 2, you meet a shadow creature who decides that one person must suffer in order to proceed in a crucial part of a quest. A young, attractive woman wanders into the woods and you are given a choice. One person must be horribly scarred. But will you sacrifice your own face to save this pretty girl or will you let vanity rule your decision? Sure, it could be easy to say you don't care about how you look, but your appearance affects how everyone in Albion reacts to you. Come home to your wife and kids with a mangled face and they will scream with terror. Are you willing to spend the rest of your time in Fable 2 horrifying children? And if not, then you forfeit the happiness of an innocent woman.

Maybe it's just because I need a girlfriend to occupy the time I would be using to play this game, but that sounds freakin' AWESOME! The final feature isn't unlocked until the final 20 minutes of the game?! Morality-bending shadow creatures?! Why don't game developers put that kind of stuff in EVERY game?!

Just hit me if I start having "Fable Cravings."

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