Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Hard To Take A Mock Seriously When Jim Sorgi Is Drafted

The idea of an auction-style fantasy football draft, in which players are given a salary cap and bid each other for the drafting rights of each player, has always been intriguing to me. Today I found out Fantasy Football Auctioneer not only hosts online auction-style fantasy drafts, but offers free mock drafts as well, and couldn't help but give it a try.

The only thing is, few people seem to know about it. I played against 10 automated players and 1 human, so things weren't exactly accurate. For instance, Jared Lorenzen and Jim Sorgi belong on the waiver wire, rather than taking up even $1 of one's salary cap. I can't really tell if I did well, but I decided to post the roster anyway.

The real problem here is that I blew nearly 40% of my cap on the first pick. I usually complain about how the serpentine system limits you to a certain predictable pattern of players (if Randy Moss is your 1st rounder with the 10th overall pick, you won't get Ryan Grant unless you reach, for example), but I think I could have done better if this were not an auction format. I really salvaged this draft by having nearly $30 left over for all the rookie RBs and scrub WRs in the twilight of the draft.

In the end, this is a made up draft for a made up game, so I'm wasting my time unless the field of fantasy football becomes a viable career landscape.

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