Friday, June 20, 2008

Student Fights Mifflin Streak Charges

I found this story by checking The Lion, my during the year employer (if you can call an organization you volunteer for while getting no compensation and employer), and it's blog on the Centre Daily Times website.

The gist of it is Elizabeth Burke(left), a 20 year-old student who participated in last semester's traditional streak, who was (unsurprisingly)apprehended by police and subsequently charged with open lewdness. The streak, for those of you not in the know, is an annual tradition among students, always taking place in the Pollock dorms region of campus.

What's interesting is the blogger's - more specifically Peter Bosak of The Times, who has followed the story for the past few weeks - examination of legalizing the streak. While it definitely won't happen (townies of State College tend to resent the students with what we already get away with in the first place), it doesn't seem like the most ludicrous idea. Plus, naked people.

Also, as The Lion operates during the entire year, cool stuff even gets done during the summer. The interview with the aforementioned student can be found here.

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Mike said...


it's nice to know someone else keeping a blog on here

i showed this news story to everyone i work with, they loved it