Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Can't Promote Healthy Behavior

For the past few months, I've been signing on to AIM just about whenever I open my laptop - you never know who will be on when, and even if you don't have anything to talk about, it isn't a bad idea to catch up with people.

As a result, I see the AIM "Dashboard" roughly half a dozen times a day. I would change my settings so it didn't pop up in my browser automatically, but I have to admit that every now and then, there's an interesting story buried among the usual crap.

While this may be more appropriately dubbed usual crap, today I saw this:
Good Job, AOL. I have to click on her. Despite the disgustingly saccharine header, I find her adorable. It's probably the attribution of innocence given to rainbow hair paired with the fact that she's, to paraphrase Vince Vaughn "eyefucking the shit out of me."

So, like a hormone driven idiot, I clicked, and discovered Pixnay. Pixnay is one of the many AOL subsites, and is described as the following:
Choose your favorite of two photos randomly plucked from our pool of hot girls and guys. The next battle will appear. Pick. Click. Repeat. Enjoy.

Judging these face-offs is rockin’ in itself, but why not spout your opinion for all of Pixnay to see or, better yet, get in the ring and join the fray?

All you need is a hot picture of yourself and an AOL or AIM screen name to play.
Not only will this give lazy people like myself carte blanche to creep on girls I don't even know, but the fact that everyone is openly encouraged to submit their own pictures for judging opens so many opportunities for disaster.

If you're ugly, or even average, it is almost impossible that this fact will be confirmed quickly - people don't exactly hold back their criticisms on the internet - you've got so much to hide behind, why would you?

Take, for example, this young lady:I don't think further commentary is necessary.

If you're hot, you probably already know this - it just pisses the rest of us off when you get yet another confirmation that you will indelibly have an easier life simply because you're attractive. Plus, thanks to the internet, d-bags all over the world can "holla at ya" faster than ever!Also, doesn't anyone worry about stalkers anymore? Is that just me? Am I antiquated because I view the internet as a possible haven for disturbed perverts with a great deal of time (and most of the time, spooge) on their hands? Apparently this girl isn't:And people wonder why I don't want to have daughters down the road.

But I guess what really kills me the most about Pixnay is that I'm going to keep voting on girls like a lab rat hitting a button that triggers food. As minimal as the stimulation is, it does give you something to do - during time which I could be much more productive. Writing, more specifically.

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Ellis Dee said...

Yes >:D You ROCK!!

I am that rainbow-haired girl who is eye f*cking the camera.

And I must say that stumbling your blog regarding "Pixnay" has been one of the most sincere flatteries I have experienced to date. Obviously, I'm full of myself for googling rainbow hair and pixnay in hopes of finding trackbacks to myself, right? RIGHT :P

I really think AOL should start paying me, yeesh! I am an amateur model, after all. Someone on their staff has the sweets for my rainbow hair pic... I have even had a few people who were able to track me down and add me on myspace just to tell me my hair rocks. awesome. but i want $$ D:

Again, thanks for writing about me. Thanks for taking a screen shot of my 15 minutes of fame. Wanna see the real moi? (i photoshopped the shit outta the rainbow hair pic as you might have guessed)

For realz, 2 contacting me. :)*meow*